Doing some coffee math

Saw this a few days ago from @dontheideaguy. I’m trying to figure out why every other place that sells beans or ground coffee doesn’t make a point of being happy to take ANY Starbucks bag (not just the “specially marked bags”), year-round. Toss that old bag or make an example of it. Staple it to […]

What local coffee shops can learn from SEC football

photo credit: michelleannb Makes no sense, I know. Bear with me, it’ll clear up shortly. I want you to read this story about ESPN’s new network for Southeast Conference (SEC) football. Don’t wonder why (too much), just trust that there’s an applicable lesson here and go read it. Wordsmithing Now it’s time to do a […]

Starbucks strikes back against “theft”

photo credit: paintMonkey It’s a nicely done video with just a small rough spot here and there. I like how Howard thanks his staff. It’s certainly a good example of communicating your company’s values in ways other than organically. It’s not theft when you give it away Most interesting is the claim that that […]