What’s a lifelong career lesson you depend on?

I graduated from college with a BS in Computer Science back in 1982. The timing was unfortunate. Interest rates had gone through the roof, cratering hiring, so the tried and true 1980s “every programmer graduate can find a job at an airline or oil company” situation was gone. My school’s BSCS was a very new […]

What does your community’s welcome mat say?

photo credit: archerwl A state association of businesses has pushed legislation into our state house that would limit the on-premise retail sales volume of a related group of businesses. Yes, we talked about this recently, but today let’s go beyond this one business, this one time. That situation is just a symptom of a far […]

Loose lips raise communities

It’s Saturday morning, so the ritual of before-anyone-else-rises reading, writing and coffee is, as no one ever really says to anyone else, “on like Donkey Kong”. After closing out a couple of chapters and heading to the laptop to write, I happen to see a piece in the news about a local who is heading […]

Fishing on Facebook

photo credit: kevindooley A common question I’m asked by small business owners is: “Should I use ‘bright shiny object of the month’ to market my business? Lately, the question tends to be asked in the context of Facebook, but quite frankly, the answer is the same regardless of the magic solution you’re asking about. As […]

Who I follow on Twitter – and Why

photo credit: Tambako the Jaguar I‘ll likely start updating this list with a new post every week or 3, but you have to start somewhere. I follow… @ElijahManor because he always has amazing jQuery (and related webdev) links. @MatthewRayScott for a couple of reasons. He not only makes my marketing head twitch, but he has […]

Are you building bridges or moats?

[audio:http://www.rescuemarketing.com/podcast/BridgesAndMoats.mp3] photo credit: raindog Look closely at your business and think of each thing you do that interacts with other vendors, competitors, customers, prospects and your community. For each interaction, consider whether it builds a bridge or a moat: A bridge allows someone on one side of a chasm or river to get to the […]

What would you do if failure wasn’t an option?

Today’s guest post is actually a video, slideshow and audio from TED, featuring Pittsburgh’s Bill Strickland. It’s a little long (35 minutes), so save it for when you have time to listen. Bill shows what you can do in your community, in your business, in your life – if you don’t think you can fail.