Sweatshirts and t-shirts: Wondering who the CPSIA will put out of business.

photo credit: Bitterroot I wonder whose business might be impacted by the CPSIA.  I wonder about the nice lady whose son was in my troop years back. She embroiders and sells Columbia Falls Wildcat sweatshirts, tshirts, letter jackets and such – including items for little kids. Fortunately for her, the majority of her business isn’t […]

Heard in the slammer: “I used to make handmade toys”

photo credit: abstract splotcHes One of these days, my granddaughter would love it if I bought her a little homemade bear like the one in the photo. Trouble is that after February 9th 2008, it’ll be a violation of Federal law to sell it to me. Doesn’t matter if it’s sold at a small retailer, […]