The CPSIA, Glenn Beck, the Chicken and the Egg

photo credit: kevindooley Am I the last so-called journalist in this country? (stupid question, I’m not even one of those<g>) You may or may not know I write a business *opinion* column once a week in the Beacon – and that isn’t even my “real job”. What am I talking about? Yes, the CPSIA again. […]

DeMint gives CPSIA instructions to small business owners

Look what happens when you step away from the CPSIA bonfire for a couple of days to get some work done…after all, *someone* has to bail out the country, may as well be me. Senator DeMint from South Carolina is working on some legislative fixes to the CPSIA, but more importantly, in his blog he […]

CPSIA 1 year stay granted: Proof of the might of social media for marketing

The letter to the Commission is here and the press release is here. Good news. Buys some time to get the darned thing right. Thank Kathleen Fasanella for getting it started, but also thank social media I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that the power of social media is what made this happen. […]

Andy Hoffman tells CPSIA whiners to “grow up”

photo credit: CarbonNYC Over at, consumer advocate Andy Hoffman says that opponents to the CPSIA need to “grow up”. I shared this comment with Andy on his blog, but just in case he doesn’t see fit to mark my comment as public, I’ll repost it here. Feel free to join in with your own […]

CPSIA: I’m from the government and I’m here to help

Former FEMA Director Michael Brown One of the natural reactions to a CPSIA discussion with store owners, manufacturers, the press and other business people that I speak to about the Act is “Oh, the government would never do anything to shut down an entire niche of businesses, especially in this economy.” Well, they would be […]

CPSIA thoughts from a manufacturer/retailer: Cut that line

photo credit: kyz This morning I received a private comment from a reader. He gave me permission to repost it here. Hello Mark In Europe they have a “no lead policy” based on roHS (Lead Free). All the US components I buy are roHS compliant so that they may be sold in Europe. I can […]

Do it yourself CPSIA Press Release

photo credit: Peter Van Lancker Tonight I wrote a press release for use with my local media, so please feel free to use it as is or with your own contact/business information so that your local media can get a feel for the local impact of the CPSIA in your area. You can get the […]

Energy and Commerce letter to Waxman/Rush re: CPSIA

Read for yourself…. Not sure if anything will come of it, nor if it is a partisan smokescreen to simply say “We said to hold up, but you didn’t.” Time will tell. If the letter is on the up and up and everyone’s intentions are honorable (yeah, I know<g>), then it might be good […]

Denial – Not a river in Egypt, an attitude about the CPSIA

Ian over at Aquinas and More Catholic Goods sent me some reaction he’s gotten from his wholesale sources regarding CPSIA. As you might expect, they’re all over the board. We have found that several of our vendors are in denial about the law and have flat out said they won’t get things tested because they […]

Smoke, mirrors or an honest effort to fix the CPSIA?

photo credit: L. Lew Last week after I left for a winter camping trip with the Scouts, a letter to CPSC Chair Nord came flying out of the House from Waxman, Rush, Pryor and Rockefeller. I just got to the letter this evening, and it’s worthy of comment.  You can read the Waxman-Rush letter to […]