I’m no Gary Bencivenga

photo credit: Sarah G… Please, don’t ever do this: “*business name* is a boutique digital strategy group focused on immersive branded entertainment encounters and custom cross-media content that extends the brand experience through multiple, lifestyle-centric touchpoints.” This was the welcome paragraph on a website I stumbled across. Maybe these people are wildly successful, have a […]

Bad conversation: Like peeing on the seat

photo credit: James Jordan Remember driving across the country in your car as a kid on those family vacations? Picture this: Your dad, brother, uncle or whoever gets out of the car, goes into the restroom, comes back a few moments later and without a word, they’re ready for the next leg of the trip. […]

Role reversal: Use it when crafting a product, service, story or ad

As with yesterday’s “I rescued a human” story, today I have another good example of role reversal to get into the conversation going on in your prospect’s head. If you watch “traditional man television”, you may already have seen this commercial. You won’t likely find it playing during the soaps, or Oprah. It’s targeted at […]

I rescued a human today

photo credit: Sugar Pond Several times – including in the recent direct mail posts – we’ve talked about having the right conversation with your client or prospect. About Robert Collier’s comment “Enter the conversation already taking place in the prospect’s mind”. About looking at your business from the other side of the counter, thinking of […]