The search for conformity

  The question for employers is “Do you want conformity, or something else?” For employees, it might be “How long before a 3D printer or some other automation technology replaces me?” For consultants, this is one way billing by the hour can make you average, depending on the work. No matter what you do, or […]

Don’t Listen to these Creativity Killers

photo credit: I‘ve been reading John Maxwell’s “How Successful People Think” recently. This list of creativity killing comments from John’s book reminded me of so many things going on in the world these days that I simply had to make it a guest post. How many times have you heard these comments when you shared […]

Profitable creativity or touchy-feely crap?

photo credit: Andrea Costa Photography Jobs. Politicians talk about them. Some own businesses that have created jobs. The trouble is, it’s not just any-old-job that needs creating. According to author Richard Florida, 45% of US jobs today are service-sector jobs. In other words, often low-paying jobs as retail sales clerks, customer service staff, food prep […]

Playing Netflix Chess

photo credit: Hamed Saber I read publications, punditry and blogs focused on a number of different industries. I hope you do as well. Reading only the trade publications from your industry is dangerous, dangerous, dangerous. For example, there’s an awesome blog post by Ken Doctor based on comments made by Netflix founder Reed Hastings“. Go read […]

Grind it out to eliminate excuses

photo credit: Elsie esq. Starting at about 5:50 in this video through about 6:55, Guy Kawasaki takes away any excuses that might keep you from reaching success. When a guy with the success level of Guy Kawasaki lays it on the line very simply. The rest of the video is worth a listen, but if […]

Are you selling compelling?

photo credit: kekremsi Ever created or started selling a product that was so compelling that people would line up to get it? It’s a really great thing. I remember a trade show about 10 years ago where the crowd around our booth was so big, they flowed into the booths across the aisle (yes, they […]

Taking yourself out of context

Google recently released a video demonstrating how speedy the new build of their Chrome browser runs. You *still* get the idea that Chrome is fast, but you are far from bored to tears as they demonstrate that. If they showed a spreadsheet or graph documenting the speed of Chrome as compared to Internet Explorer, Firefox […]

A conversation in the hall of your business day

photo credit: Tony the Misfit Lots of small business owners struggle to get a blog going. There are some technical challenges: geek stuff is huge for some and tiny for others. But in almost every case, the tech stuff isn’t the hard part. When it comes to business owners, almost every conversation about blogging tends […]

Baiting the hook with opera

Note the sign at the end of the video: “Ves como te gusta la opera?”, which translated roughly means “See how you like opera?” Point being – how many of those shoppers had ever been to the opera? And how many *more* will consider it after that performance? Brilliant, guerrilla marketing. Just flippin’ brilliant. Before you […]

Where black people and white people buy furniture

We’ve talked about having fun with your marketing, not just for entertainment but because you’ll stand out from all the stodgy, boring stuff out there These guys stepped out there and set quite an example. Do you think they generated conversation in their market? Are you having fun yet? I’d like to hear how you […]