5 sources of innovation

photo credit: cmaccubbin Amid the turkey sandwiches and (making it right now) turkey pot pie, I’m also serving up a guest post about innovation. You may not be aware that Google “gives” their employees “20% time“. 20% time is effectively 1 day a week to work on the pet projects, things of interest or just […]

Scared is the wrong word

photo credit: JustinLowery.com You’ve probably heard the saying “No rest for the wicked” (or weary). Weary might be a better choice in this case. Should you be scared like the author suggests that Microsoft perhaps should be? Microsoft, like many successful companies large and small, has reinvented itself before. It’ll probably have to do it […]

What’s Scary? Ordinary coffee, Michael Jackson and a dancing tiger named Mike

So…what did you do to have a little fun? Here are a couple of examples: One of the many coffee shops that I prod now and then came up with this (among other things) for Halloween. Note the R.I.P. sign, then check out the 2nd image. Below in the hand of the chalk outline, a […]

The thing in the way of amazing

photo credit: Br0m You know the thing I’m talking about. The thing that just wouldn’t go away. It’s so big, you can’t see it. It’s like that creep at the dance who just wont take no for an answer. Or that thing hanging over your head that you *know* you have to do – but […]

Shivering your business timbers

photo credit: juhansonin Today is Talk like a Pirate Day (TLAPD). In honor of such a fine day, a few thoughts, er I mean… Aye, what would a pirate do t’ strenghen your business today? A pence for an old man o’de sea? First, how about sliding over to Mashable and look at their tips for […]

Inspiring your customers with kangaroos and wombats

photo credit: lastquest Today’s guest post comes from Nicholas Basbanes, who comments on the interesting and creative choice of paper used to print a book. Little things mean a lot – the article explains it well, but don’t be distracted by it. Instead, allow it to fertilize thoughts like “How can I create a context […]

Is real-time fast enough for you?

I thought I’d provide a few Twitter stories for you today – call it Twitter Thursday if you like. First, a baker who uses Twitter to notify people what’s baking, what’s ready, etc. Customizable via the BakerTweet website, it takes a twist of a knob and a push of a button and you’re done. Obviously […]

What’s Your Fish?

photo credit: hapal Unless you’ve been living under a fish, you’ve heard the saying “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime.” While it also might remind you of a childish South Park episode (and maybe that’s a little […]

A Second Life for Retired Tennis Balls

photo credit: jonrawlinson Today’s guest post comes from Mike Critelli, retired CEO at Pitney-Bowes (blog highly recommended). Mike’s story reminds me a bit of “Acres of Diamonds” with a bit more realism. The value you bring to a community simply by being observant is the same value you can bring to your business by being […]

The Riskiest Thing You Can Do Right Now

photo credit: Tony the Misfit Is to play it safe, careful and conservative. Despite saying that, I don’t mean that you should be taking big risks. It isn’t about avoiding or eliminating risk, it’s about reducing and managing risk. Thinking big and risking big are not the same thing. The startup guys down the street […]