KFC Potholes Fix: Another example of using the news

In colder climates, it’s pothole season. As the weather warms, ice and snow thaws and “spring break up” begins. The ground creaks and ripples as some areas thaw faster than others, while others go through numerous freeze and thaw cycles until spring truly arrives. It begins for the roads too, as thawing ice breaks up […]

Hugh’s advice for entrepreneurs

photo credit: Nils Geylen If you strongly prefer a G or PG post, this isn’t going to be your favorite guest post. Or maybe it will. Today’s guest post comes from Hugh MacLeod, and in fact, it’s part of his upcoming book (June 2009). You may know him from his cartoons, which he pens under […]

Fishing for ideas using IdeaCast

photo credit: photos.juliechen Today’s guest post is more than one read, instead it’s a series of over 100 podcasts from Harvard Business Review’s bi-weekly production called IdeaCast. Click here to subscribe to HBR’s IdeaCast (Note: This link will take you to iTunes, which hosts the free podcast) Each episode is about 20 minutes and they […]

The Dow fell, let’s go out to eat!

photo credit: nosha After dropping my son off at school at 5:30am (he is heading to Great Falls for the state basketball tournament), I turned on NPR on the ride home and heard a story about a Seattle restaurant whose daily special is priced based on the closing level of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. […]

Quincy Bioscience does it with Congress

photo credit: Jeff Kubina Uses the news, that is. We’ve talked about this here at BIP in the past. When things occur in the news, USE THEM. Take advantage of events in the news, whether they are ironic/funny as Quincy’s is or not. The CPSIA thing is a good example (again). Once your testing is […]

Thinking outside the box store

[audio:http://www.rescuemarketing.com/podcast/ThinkOutsideTheBoxStore.mp3] photo credit: Derek Farr ( DetroitDerek ) Several of my friends are in the artist community, both here in Montana and elsewhere. Many of them are photographers like you’d suspect, but some paint. I don’t really look at myself as an artist even though I’ve been a photographer in one form or another since […]

4 more ways get ideas for new products/services

[audio:http://www.rescuemarketing.com/podcast/FourWaysToGetIdeasForProducts.mp3] photo credit: h.koppdelaney Part 2 in our series, “What else can you use to generate ideas for new products and services?” hits the streets today. Slide over here if you need to see part 1. Last time, we talked about listening to feedback from your customers (rather obvious, but if everyone did it, I […]

Where to get ideas for new products and services

[audio:http://www.rescuemarketing.com/podcast/FindingNewProducts.mp3] photo credit: apesara One of the questions I hear with regularity is “Where do I get ideas for new products and services?” Of course, the most obvious place would be “Your customers”. It isn’t that easy though. If every business waited for their customers to ask for that next amazing new product, a lot of […]

The folks at Axe Body Spray think like a guerrilla. Can you?

photo credit: piotrek plecke You’ve likely seen the catchy commercials for Axe products for men. Here’s an example of how they are always looking for the right opportunity. They could have staged the run. That would have cost thousands. This cost them a tshirt and a few moments with a camcorder. My guess is that […]