Role reversal: Use it when crafting a product, service, story or ad

As with yesterday’s “I rescued a human” story, today I have another good example of role reversal to get into the conversation going on in your prospect’s head. If you watch “traditional man television”, you may already have seen this commercial. You won’t likely find it playing during the soaps, or Oprah. It’s targeted at […]

Don’t tarnish the silver lining. Polish it.

This TED video is about education, but it could easily apply to opportunities that you give your staff to learn, to be creative and invent great new things. Google gives their employees a percentage of their work time so that they can work on that next big thing they are pumped up about or interested […]

It takes a lot money to start a business. Or does it?

Today’s guest post comes from The Big Idea, where you’ll hear about a guy who started a multi-million dollar business with $350. Watch this short video to learn his story. How can you use what he did?

If 7-11 can use the news, why can’t you?

Over the years, I’ve advised a number of businesses to use what’s currently going on in the news, sports (Super Bowl, World Series, Olympics) and politics as creative fuel for campaigns of this nature: But few have the nerve to actually do so, particularly as well as this campaign (no pun intended) by 7-11 […]

Tuned In questions to ask about your Me Too product

In today’s guest post, Tuned In discussed a Me Too (sorta) product and the gauntlet that they put new product ideas through just a day after we discussed Me Too products here. Their 6 simple questions should give you something to think about whenever creating a new product or service, much less modifying an existing […]

Do your clients need a faster horse?

Back in the last century, Henry Ford is famous for saying “You can have any color Ford you want as long as it’s black.” Today, Ford Motor Company has a different thought process, but that isn’t all that Henry said. He also said this: If I’d have asked my customers what they wanted, they would […]

Improving the conversation

Ever watch closely as a teenager or younger kid watches TV, listens to an iPod or CD? They change the channel or song constantly. They rarely seem to listen to the whole song. Today’s guest post (I’m in a canoe, remember?) is a video of a talk by Clay Shirky at Web 2.0 Expo (a […]

Do Olympians quit, work harder or work different?

Over the next several weeks, people will win (or lose) an Olympic medal by a thousandth of a second. As we’ve discussed earlier this week (re: the coasting swimmer) and in the past (re: the 212th degree, slight edge stuff), what makes a difference between being #1 and #2 is often trivial – if not […]

Square watermelons or stagnant thought. Your choice.

Today’s guest post is from Dave Knox over at Hard Knox Life, who happens to live in the heart of Razorback country (specifically, Fayetteville AR), which just happens to be where I went to school. Among other things, Dave talks about innovation and not being tied into what’s always been done. His example? Growing square […]

Small business invades the Ukraine

Despite the fact that you can obtain the same thing anywhere in the world, a client of mine does a fine job of selling their high-end, custom version of this product in many countries. We were talking yesterday during a telephone coaching session about return policies for online sales. One thing led to another, and […]