Do you value your clientele?

Business demonstrate what they value through their behavior. Some businesses value what they do, those they work with and most of all, those they serve. They work hard for every lead. Every client. Every order. Every payment. They work to improve their craft every day. They learn from the best of their peers, while extracting and […]

How to make a good upsell

Thanks to cloud services, my hardware needs have shrunk substantially in recent years. This makes it easy to pace and plan hardware upgrades for what little hardware I have left. However, reality sometimes gets in the way. Yesterday, my wife’s laptop died so I had to take immediate action. It was a lesson in fulfillment, point […]

Customer relationships – Do yours mature and adapt?

One of the things that separates people from most machines and systems is their ability to adapt their interactions as the relationship matures. A tough-as-nails 61 year old grandfather who supervises workers on an oil rig in North Dakota’s Bakken adapts his communication to the recipient when training a new guy to stay alive on […]

Your story says why you care

photo credit: nandadevieast One of the things I help business owners understand is how to tell their story (and why they should bother). Sometimes, business owners don’t have a story, or at least, they think they don’t. Yet when you ask them, it’s a rare person who doesn’t have a tale that answers “How’d you […]

If I owned a fitness center

photo credit: sarahsampsel In the process of elliptical-ing across some wide open (virtual) spaces recently, I thought to myself, “What would I change if I owned this place?” I might warm up the pool a couple of degrees, but that really isn’t the kind of change I meant. The things that came to mind were […]

Make an offer that makes sense

photo credit: gagilas Yesterday, an email from WinZip arrived in my inbox. I’ve used and liked WinZip for at least a decade. Not many pieces of software can make that claim. Lately, they’ve been emailing me pretty frequently. This particular email offered a free copy of the latest WinZip if I used their affiliate link to […]

Shredding mad pow in my driveway

photo credit: Sabbath Photography So far it’s been an incredible year for snow in the Northwest. Two feet in the Washington DC area is a Snowpocalypse? That’s nothing. We have 8 feet of fresh pow* in Montana, Utah, Wyoming and Colorado. It’s so deep, we’re carving mad turns in our driveways and carrying avalanche beacons […]

Do you make their eyes shine?

Today’s guest post comes from TED, where musician/educator Benjamin Zander talks about music, passion and how he can tell if someone has a passion for what they do – as well as what kind of impact (if any) his playing has on his audience. Are you producing that kind of impact on your clientele? How […]

3 ways to destroy a vendor-client relationship

If this video from Scofield Editorial wasn’t so annoyingly accurate regarding how some businesses operate, it’d be funny. Ok, it’s funny anyhow – until it happens to you. Try not to be on either side. Some businesses operate this way as a matter of course. With some people and some businesses struggling these days, it’s […]