Planning for the train wreck before it happens

Step one after the fire is out or the flood waters have receded (or both) – if you haven’t already done so – is implementing your comeback plan. Notice that I said implementing the comeback plan, not making it. When times are hectic and the ceiling is dripping with smoky water, your mind isn’t going […]

How to make follow up actually happen

Lately, I’ve been nagging you a bit about getting better about following up. And we talked about how you can identify hard dollar revenue to your follow ups. One of the obstacles to following up is knowing when do to so. Do you follow up a week after a purchase? A month? 3 months? That […]

The value of follow up

Previously, we’ve talked about how my old software company did every-30-day follow ups with clients and why it was so valuable. If nothing else, it made up for things that we maybe didn’t do so well. When I have conversations with business owners about following up, it often comes up that these things are a […]

Two simple keys to easy revenue and better service

Upsell and follow up. Simple, right?  You already know this. But are you actually doing it? Two of the easiest things to do to increase sales without spending even a dime to chase new customers, something you shouldn’t need to do if you are doing things right, are asking for the upsell and following up. […]

Do you know why you lost that client? I do.

Last week, a story in one of our local papers noted that a local business had lost a customer that they had served for thirty years. Thirty years is a long time to have a customer. That’s really impressive. This big, regular customer accounted for a major portion of this local business’ revenue. When the […]