Feedback and the Great Client

photo credit: Peter Gorges Feedback-wise… A great client is one who asks tough questions incessantly, almost always in a polite manner. A good client is one who asks tough questions regularly, sometimes politely. A bad customer is one who asks poor questions, regardless of how they ask them. Tough questions are your friend. Theyâ??re like […]

Adobe misses the outsourcing boat

photo credit: mikebaird Would you find it odd if McDonald’s outsourced their burger cooking to Joe’s Diner or Burger King? What about Global Burger Associates? If they did so, would they know if the quality of their food dropped? What’s my point? My point is that you don’t farm out core competencies. While I hadn’t […]

Message received: “DONT CONTACT US”

photo credit: decade_null As you might be aware, I’m the Scoutmaster of a local Boy Scout troop here in Columbia Falls. I’ve been involved as a Scouting volunteer in numerous forms for about 20 years, at levels as low as you can get, and as high as a VP on our Council Executive Committee. As […]

Why does the phone ring?

photo credit: makelessnoise Dave Winer and to a lesser extent today, Seth Godin, have a lesson in listening for you today.  Dave is right on target with the programmers – but I think it can extend well past the IT department into every part of a business.  Check out Dave’s “It’s the users, dummy“.  Listening […]

Don’t make it hard for people to give you money

Emergencies of all forms seem to come at the worst possible times. How your business manages day to day transactions quite often makes the emergency worse for your clients. Bear with me, this story – and the lesson that goes with it – requires a bit of background discussion. Last week was crazy for me. […]