Delegation isn’t easy.

Several times over the last month or so, I’ve suggested refocusing on important work. I’ve suggested paying attention to long-procrastinated tasks. There’s high value in moving on to bigger things and relieving your mind of the self-persecution of procrastination. All of this tends to demand that you do four things: Prioritize. Delegate. Outsource. Focus. We’ve […]

Checklists delegate a process, not a task

One of the things that tends to plague solo business owners and managers in smaller companies is delegating complex tasks as the company grows. In “E-Myth” fashion, the owner and technician (whatever that means in your line of work) is faced with the choice of delegation or overwhelm as their company grows. Sometimes there are […]

Empowerment and the Silent Cell Phone

1926 Ford Model T photo: digitizedchaos Henry Ford, despite his success with the assembly line at Ford Motor Company, made a mistake that many business owners still make today. He didn’t delegate. Most business owners delegate at least a little. Not Ford. According to Peter Drucker, the senior Ford didn’t believe in delegation or floor […]