Perfect is the enemy of done – or is it?

A couple of weeks ago, NASA celebrated the one year anniversary of Curiosity Rover landing on Mars. As someone who has been taking pictures since the ’60s, I still find it amazing that we can tell a satellite orbiting Mars to take a picture of a Jeep-size spacecraft parachuting to its landing 62 million miles away […]

Opening eyes with a slider

photo credit: NY Times and GeoEye I spend a lot of time working with/talking with programmers. If you spend time discussing software, websites, or life in general with them, you might get the idea that they are serial complainers. While a few might live up to that, a substantial part of a programmer’s work is […]

The little things you cant sell

Ever used a product and thought, “the person who designed this couldn’t possibly have ever used it themselves”? I sure have (Microsoft Outlook comes to mind for me). Likewise, you’ve probably had an experience like that with a product that just seems brilliant, simply because it is so intuitive that you know someone used it, […]

Scoble learns what Kennedy’s been telling us for years

photo credit: Swami Stream That is, Design matters, but not nearly as much as you’d think IF your content is strong. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a slam on Robert, it just is. What is “it”? Content, but not just *any* content. Relevant content. If you have it, the rest is a bonus. If […]