Why you should sell air

As I noted yesterday, my current survey here at Business is Personal asks “What’s your biggest marketing challenge?” Yesterday, we discussed why 25% of respondents have said “Making time to do the marketing” and how they should go about fixing that. Today, the next largest group (a very close second) is those who said “Differentiating […]

A bus of a different color

photo credit: laffy4k When I say “bus travel”, I’m guessing that many / some / most of you think of things on this list (and maybe some others): Greyhound (et al) Tour buses full of senior citizens A noisy school bus full of kids people of lesser means panhandlers bus terminals when will it arrive? […]

Warm chocolate chip cookies and the big difference between you and them

[audio:http://www.rescuemarketing.com/podcast/WarmChocolateChipCookies.mp3] photo credit: scubadive67 Almost every day, I stumble upon someone looking for a way to differentiate their business from their competitors’. Far too often, they try to compete almost solely on price. Since I’ve beat the dont-compete-solely-on-price drum in the past (eg: all those WalMart posts), so today we’re going to take a different […]