One sentence can make or break a campaign

As we’ve discussed before, I still believe that well written direct mail works when it is done properly because I see the results. While much of it is “junk”, there are folks out there producing high-producing mail pieces. What do I mean by “high-producing”? I mean mail that survives a trip from the PO Box […]

A Letter from Georgia

photo credit: ClaireDelRey We almost didn’t open it, thinking it was junk mail. Why would the University of Georgia send us mail way out here in Montana? We aren’t alumni. Our kids don’t go there, nor do we have prospective students considering the school. The letter was addressed to “The Riffey Family” (printed, not hand-addressed), […]

Learn, unlearn, relearn.

photo credit: kaibara87 “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” รข?? Alvin Toffler Are you doing the same things in the same ways that you did when *everything* worked? If so, is that still working for you? If it […]

Work *this* hard

photo credit: Nate Robert In her continuing quest for transparency (among other things), Hildy asked for examples of emails that had produced tangible fundraising results. She didn’t get much. In fact, I don’t think she got any with proven results. This all started a few weeks ago when she asked about doing a traditional year […]

Without customers, there ain’t no business, Joe.

Since January 2005, I’ve been spent a lot of time explaining how Business is Personal. When I started this journey way back then, I named the blog “Pancake Bunny“. I called it that as a result of a customer service interaction where a company’s CEO told a customer that their message made no sense and […]

Selling Santa with postcards

photo credit: anyjazz65 Last week we talked about the direct mail letter that was used to secure donations of cash, in-kind items for the auction and to attract people to attend – as well as what could have been improved in the letter. I left a few things out of the discussion at the time, […]

Help! What’s wrong with my mailing?

photo credit: trialsanderrors Yesterday we talked about the details about the envelope and letter we sent to request Brunch with Santa donations and to sell tickets. There were (in my opinion) a lot of things right with it. BUT…what was wrong with it? Keep in mind it is perfectly normal to find things that are […]

*The* most important thing about your letter

photo credit: jilly~bean Yesterday, we started a discussion about the promotion of an event here in town. Today, we’re going to talk about one of the mail pieces that went out to promote the Brunch. Don’t worry, this series isn’t all about direct mail. We’ll also be talking about video, email, postcards, newspaper, press releases, […]

Ignore those 2 posts. Direct mail is dead. RIP.

photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography With all that direct mail talk over the last couple of posts, I can just hear the eyes rolling. After all, direct mail is dead, right? Perhaps in your market it is. Or, no one needs to use it because other things work better in your market, or because everyone […]

A few exceptions for those 5 direct mail mistakes

Our discussion from a couple of days ago (yes, the last 2 days were insane!) about direct mail mistakes was far from complete. We could discuss tools, techniques, strategies and such about direct mail for days, maybe longer. None of us have time to do that, but I do feel obligated to elaborate on the […]