How to build a follow up system

Last time, we discussed why it’s important to consistently follow up with your clients. Consistency requires a system to manage the process, track the follow ups and remind you when they need to be done. Without a system, daily challenges can take over your day. Result: follow ups are forgotten. After I posted, @BeckyMcCray suggested that I […]

Constraint and risk avoidance

How do you manage constraints and risks? The two significantly impact your company’s ability to stay alive, much less grow. Constraints appear in many different forms: people, equipment, capital, cash flow and mental bandwidth are just a few. “Being constrained by hardware actually makes it impossible to do the things that you want to do as […]

How to create good surprises? Baby steps.

Recently, a couple of real estate transactions provoked me to write about surprises. In that piece, surprises were not a good thing. Yet sometimes, surprises are exactly what you want to deliver. So how do you decide which surprises are good and which aren’t? You need to find a difference to choose a good one – […]

The Bulletproof Superhero

photo credit: ericmcgregor When it was just you and you were a bulletproof superhero, you could remember it all. You could look at code you wrote six months earlier and you knew exactly what it did and why you wrote it that way. A bit of time has passed since then. Youâ??ve hired new people. […]

Do at least one thing today

photo credit: notsogoodphotography If you subscribe to my email newsletter, you know that I close most of the emails with “Do at least one thing today to get, or keep, a client.” It’s as simple as it sounds…but do you do it? Even if you can only spare 15 minutes, spend it every day doing […]

Producing Trust

photo credit: audreyjm529 Last time (in the context of being trusted, and what a business must do to re-establish trust), I talked briefly about vendors who announce software years before they plan to ship it, including firms that never ship what they’ve announced and taken payment for. On occasion, early announcements are a legal requirement […]

What’s your superpower, Clark?

photo credit: williamcho One of the difficult things about entrepreneurs is maintaining your focus. Most entrepreneurs are interested in many things, so the BSO (bright shiny object) threatens to pull them away from their core mission cuz that other thing would be soooo interesting to work on. Still others wonder what their core mission is. […]

Changes and Clipboards

photo credit: iluvrhinestones While the world wrings its hands over the tax implications of LeBron James’ move to Miami, the rest of us didn’t even look up. We’re working hard to create (or advance the progress of) our next big thing. Meanwhile, the economy stumbles forward in some ways, races in others, and limps in […]

Working ON your business: Make it a habit

photo credit: Valerie Everett You may have noticed that I took a little rest from blogging over the last couple weeks. Some of it was planned, some was due to surprisingly infrequent access to the internet during our trip to Missouri and Tennessee ( one example: a Starbucks with TWO tables, both next to the […]

How to be a business burnout. Or not.

photo credit: charles chan * Just the other day, I was talking with a client about the long term future of their business, and after being quizzed a bit, reflecting with them on what provoked me to sell my software biz several years ago. This client has a small business people-wise, but its quite successful. […]