Etsy’s Social Commerce: Smart at Christmas

Etsy’s new Facebook app, the Gift Recommender, is a smart move and a great example of ways to use your data to attract more business. I’ve no doubt that some will see Etsy’s “social commerce” via Facebook as “creepy” or invasive, but I suggest you give it a try to get an idea how this new […]

Is it right under your nose?

photo credit: Tambako the Jaguar That product line. I mean. It’s hiding in your community, right inside your business. I’m talking about the product or service that you sell locally. The same one that you can probably sell online (or elsewhere) and become known as a regional, national or global specialist with, rather than limiting […]

Retailers: Are you making your own recession?

photo credit: Robert S. Donovan Ever hear the term BSOD? It’s an acronym for “Blue Screen of Death”, which is what you get when Windows barfs all over itself. In my experience, you get that rare (for me) “I’m a PC” explosion when hardware is failing (and sometimes when you seriously, royally messed up). Last […]

*Which* fries do you want with that?

photo credit: Derek Purdy So I’m on Amazon to pick up a copy of “Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions: A Tactical Playbook for Managers and Executives“. Like any good salesperson would, the Amazon cart reminds me… “Wait! You need to add $5.23 to your order to qualify for FREE Super Saver Shipping”. Fair enough. But […]

Are you missing the point of automation?

Last week I received a phone call from SendOutCards, whose service sends personalized postcards and greeting cards â?? with pictures if you like â?? simply by pounding on their website for a moment. First of all, kudos to them. They were just calling to see if I was getting what I needed out of the […]

Quitting for the wrong reasons

Sometimes, it’s necessary to make the decision to close a business. It isn’t easy and it isn’t something that is done without pain and suffering in some form. Yesterday in Small Business CEO, I read a story about a small business that was calling it quits due to “high oil prices and the economy” (my […]

Small business invades the Ukraine

Despite the fact that you can obtain the same thing anywhere in the world, a client of mine does a fine job of selling their high-end, custom version of this product in many countries. We were talking yesterday during a telephone coaching session about return policies for online sales. One thing led to another, and […]

How to serve mail order coffee while wearing your e-commerce marketing hat

I ordered some coffee beans online the other day and received the box on Saturday. Or maybe Friday – dunno since I didn’t check the mail on Friday. The box arrived in good condition and the beans were packed in their airtight bag with a nice spring-y colored tissue paper. So much nicer than those […]

Locals grumble about real estate websites too

Several local people mentioned the real estate post from yesterday at last night’s CFHS Speech and Debate State Championship celebration. People who had never said a word about the blog before. Surprised me a little. Avast mayteys, we’ve got lurkers!! 🙂 Anyhow, I got a lot of “No kidding” and “Why don’t they do this?” […]