Maker, Taker, Patriot.

photo credit: Michel Filion Wall Street Journal senior economist Stephen Moore recently wrote a column about “takers and makers“, revealing that “More Americans work for the government than work in construction, farming, fishing, forestry, manufacturing, mining and utilities combined.” Twice as many people (22.5 million) work in government than in manufacturing (11.5 milion). Upon hearing this, […]

The New Math aka Economics 101

photo credit: Keng Susumpow A friend told me recently that his family filed a homeowner’s insurance claim for slightly under $600. After filing no claims in over 20 years of keeping their insurance with this company, this was the 3rd claim in 5 years. During that 5 years, their annual insurance rate went from $1300 […]

Update: Transparent Economics

Here’s some suggested reading in a follow up to my post “Transparent Economics“: A NY Times article about steps airlines are taking to make planes more efficient. Smart stuff. Kudos to them for looking at everything, but not just cutting for the sake of cutting. Quoting from the article: â??Our fleet is over 500 airplanes,â? […]