The hardest part of helping businesses

There are a lot of rewards that come with helping businesses improve beyond what they expected, or even simply going a step or two beyond an artificial boundary the business owner thought was in front of them. It’s really a fun thing to watch someone latch on to a piece of advice and make 10 […]

Feedback and the Great Client

photo credit: Peter Gorges Feedback-wise… A great client is one who asks tough questions incessantly, almost always in a polite manner. A good client is one who asks tough questions regularly, sometimes politely. A bad customer is one who asks poor questions, regardless of how they ask them. Tough questions are your friend. TheyĆ¢??re like […]

Help Them Buy Better

photo credit: bjaglin A few days ago, Seth Godin asked why ethical marketers wouldn’t be “eager to have aggressive, clear and well-defined regulations” (about marketing). He set the context by talking about the lies used to sell sunscreen, noting that lobbyists kindly helped the FDA water down proposed sunscreen regulations. To quote Seth: Why aren’t […]