How do you welcome them?

photo credit: Î?λενα Î?αγαρία We’ve all been there. You mosey (at least I do) into a doctor’s office for the first time and the experience is practically identical to almost every other first visit to almost every other doctor’s office. You get handed a clipboard of paper forms to fill out, as if they don’t […]

Are you dead weight in a “Man Overboard” Economy?

photo credit: Johnny Shaw What gets thrown overboard before a ship sinks? What gets thrown out of a plane that is struggling to stay in the air, or that appears to have less fuel than it needs to reach land? Answer: Dead weight. IE: Everything that isn’t absolutely necessary. If you’re an employee, what are […]

Update: Transparent Economics

Here’s some suggested reading in a follow up to my post “Transparent Economics“: A NY Times article about steps airlines are taking to make planes more efficient. Smart stuff. Kudos to them for looking at everything, but not just cutting for the sake of cutting. Quoting from the article: â??Our fleet is over 500 airplanes,â? […]

Green is about saving money – and your business

Earlier this year, Safeway “went green” with their entire fleet of trucks. Way back in January, this seemed like a good idea with a decent ROI (return on investment). photo credit: mattieb Given the increase in fuel prices in the last 2 weeks – I suspect they are thrilled with the decision now, a mere […]