How to take the chill out of a cold email

With double digit below zero weather arriving in Montana this week, the last thing any of us need is a cold email. What I call a cold email isn’t quite the same as a bulk email. While bulk email is indiscriminately sent to many thousands of people, a cold email might be sent to 10, […]

Effective press releases for small business

Days after a EF4 tornado tore up Central Arkansas and killed 15 people, this press release arrived in the local TV weather team’s inbox: Saying “enough with the tornado clean-up” to a media person in the area of a killer tornado in question is at best, someone being an inattentive and/or insensitive jerk. The media […]

Why they don’t take your calls and don’t read your mail

photo credit: seeveeaar Do your customers and prospects let your calls go to voice mail? Do they open your emails? If they were, you’d know (or should). Think about why *you* let calls go to voice mail and why you ignore certain emails. While you might be busy and decide to let calls go to […]

They can tell I read their email?

photo credit: solidstate_ Over the last 2 days, we’ve talked about poorly thought through emails. Today, one more email that should have been thought about a bit more. Last week, I received an email from a guy whose email newsletter I receive. The subject of this random email? “I saw you open my newsletter, any questions I […]

Dude, I caught your wife cheating last night at…

photo credit: Renneville Imagine you’re talking with a prospect or client on the phone and right before the critical word or phrase that almost always closes the deal, you suddenly hang up. You’d never do that, right? Would make it kinda hard to close the sale, don’t you think? Thing is, your email, social media […]

Rhetoric, “privacy” and those Presidential campaign email lists

photo credit: kevindooley About a year ago, I ran some tests to see how clued in re: email use and mobile/internet marketing each Presidential campaign was. Each campaign got an email address all to themselves, one that I use for no other purpose so that I could track what their campaign did. In fact, the […]

Make your automation personal, not just automatic

photo credit: Zesmerelda After requesting a beta invitation to a web-based service, I received the activation email. *ONE* minute later, I got an email from the CEO asking how I liked the service.  Careful there, Sparky.  While I’d be the first to encourage such emails, you have to think about how – and particularly, when […]

Ignore those 2 posts. Direct mail is dead. RIP.

photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography With all that direct mail talk over the last couple of posts, I can just hear the eyes rolling. After all, direct mail is dead, right? Perhaps in your market it is. Or, no one needs to use it because other things work better in your market, or because everyone […]

Permission to market, sir?

People don’t want to buy from people who place sales calls to them during dinner (duh). It isn’t because they don’t want to buy your item. They just don’t want to buy it from someone they don’t know. Someone they don’t know hasn’t got “permission” to sell to them, because there isn’t yet a relationship […]