Cracks in your life. What would bust them wide open?

photo credit: geoftheref Today’s guest post is from @BradRourke, who posts on a litany of topics revolving around self, community organizations, business and things in-between. The Mark Sanford meltdown was just one of his topics recently, but not so much about the paparazzi angle. Instead, he writes about what it might take to get a […]

Boat anchors are bad business. Sharing is good business.

[audio:] photo credit: Robb North Over the last month or so, I’ve been playing phone tag with someone at the local bank’s office. I use this national bank primarily because they offer some electronic banking services that local banks don’t bother to offer (such as a real-time, seamless interface with QuickBooks), despite my repeated “encouragement” […]

Good business is simple.

Rather than weigh this down with words, I’ll let it speak for itself. Good business is simple. Boil it down. “…so that I can sell with confidence.”

Is this the Apprentice you really want?

photo credit: theilr Trump surely came to a fork in the road during last night’s final episode of The Celebrity Apprentice. A Morton’s fork to be exact. A Morton’s Fork is a situation where you have no good choices – but you have to make one anyway. I don’t do much reality TV, but I […]

Airlines: What’s more valuable than a customer?

photo credit: law_keven One of the things that is most frustrating and wonderful these days are… airlines. Why frustrating and wonderful? They teach us far more than how NOT to treat people. They teach us how not to make a fair number of business decisions. They teach us how not to empower our staff. They […]

Does your job suck? Is it boring? Is it creating value?

photo credit: riot jane First, I’ll ask from an employee perspective. If you’re the employee, I hope your answers are No, No and Yes, respectively. If they aren’t, exactly how long do you have before someone figures out that your job can go away? What can you do about it before someone does something about […]

If your entire staff turned over today, would anyone notice?

[audio:] photo credit: llamnudds And would they care? If a long time customer (2 years, 5 years, 25 years, whatever) walked into your business today and all your staff was different from their last visit, would they notice the change? Why do I ask? Engagement. Relationship. Stickiness. IE: Buzzwords that answer the question: “Why the […]

Inherit the earth, inhale the opportunity

photo credit: Steven Fernandez All around us, people are being laid off. The companies in (and near) my little town in rural, northwest Montana – have seen more than 800 layoffs. Thankfully (if there is a bright spot), not all of the 800 people laid off live here in our town of 4500 people – […]

The valuable assets your competition is giving away

photo credit: onohoku I‘ve always been amazed that a large company can lay off 20,000 or 30,000 workers and not fail soon after. These days, layoffs of 5,000 to 20,000 are regularly in the news. In January 2009, 241,749 people were laid off across the U.S. รข?? and that likely only counts the firms large […]

What makes you shine like a Ferrari?

photo credit: SuperFantastic Imagine getting laid off at 63 years of age simply because you’re old. Now they won’t tell you that because you could sue them for that. Instead, they lay you off because another (ie: younger) employee doesn’t have to make as much. Like a kick in the gut, you’d think. But not […]