Passion or productivity – Which can you handle?

photo credit: Nihit Goyal Today’s guest post comes from David Armano, who provokes the manager in you by asking if you can handle the truth.  No, wait. That was a movie.. David’s question is more challenging. Can you handle a passionate employee? Do they even belong at your business – even though you probably think […]

Don’t tarnish the silver lining. Polish it.

This TED video is about education, but it could easily apply to opportunities that you give your staff to learn, to be creative and invent great new things. Google gives their employees a percentage of their work time so that they can work on that next big thing they are pumped up about or interested […]

5 entrepreneur lessons from Guy Kawasaki

Today’s guest post is from Guy Kawasaki. You probably know of Guy from his books, from his time at Apple or Garage, or maybe from Alltop. Who knows, you might even have played hockey with him.  Regardless, his last post as a blogger for Sun is definitely worth reading.

If you find a Foster, hire him. Don’t just tip him.

Last week Andy Andrews told a story about an excellent Atlanta Hartsfield Airport staffer that he met years ago. Airport management fired him because he did his job too well. Rather than letting someone continue in that position…just hire them away. Don’t let the bureaucracy break their spirit, much less their heart.

An in-your-face reminder to GET. STUFF. DONE.

Today’s guest post comes from internet marketer Trey Smith, who offers up a simple, in-your-face way to regularly remind yourself to GET THINGS DONE as your day progresses. It might seem like “nothing”, but having it in your face all day is exactly the kind of thing that productivity experts recommend, and it even jibes […]

Is it better to be smart, resilient or hard working?

My vote would be a combination of all three, and there’s a good discussion of this in today’s guest post at OpenEducation. It isn’t just about kids, though I strongly suggest you consider it in that light. It’s also something to look for in employees. It isn’t how many times you get knocked down, it’s […]

Know someone who has no time to learn?

Wouldn’t surprise me if some of you regularly encounter folks who just don’t think they need to keep learning. Ask them to get used to saying “Do you want fries with that?” because their industry will quickly leave them behind. Daniel over at Idea Sellers hits the nail on the head with today’s guest post […]

Why your staff wants more profitable work to do

Consider the profitability of the work being done by each member of your staff. Are they making your business more profitable? Or are they doing non-critical work that a computer or service could do? Why not automate those often lame-but-necessary tasks? Why? Because you arenâ??t getting it all done otherwise. Want proof? Call a vendor […]

Hire that punk kid with the snowboard? Are you nuts???

This weekend, I met the manager of my favorite local Italian restaurant. Somehow, I had managed to miss meeting him during my last few visits and was a bit surprised at how young this guy is. He had just returned from Boise, where he had trained the staff and management at their newest location. He […]

Why are you STILL wasting time?

No, this is not another time management discussion. I simply want to put your day in the proper context. After all, almost 60% of the year is behind us and I want you to be sure you’re getting closer to making it where you wanted to be by the end of the year. So… if […]