Lucy and the Aluminum Football

photo credit: vramak Lately, there has been a lot of talk in the news and around the Flathead Valley about the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) offering a four year power supply deal to Columbia Falls Aluminum Company (CFAC). The deal is subject to environmental review and other what-ifs, so it isn’t a done deal quite […]

“What value are we going to provide customers that no one else does?”

Today’s guest post is a story about Honda that comes from MSN reporter Lawrence Ulrich. The source of that quote that I’ve used as title of the post? It’s a quote from Dan Bonawitz, HondaĆ¢??s vice-president of corporate planning. When short-sighted Honda store owners clamored for a 8 cylinder pickup, Honda corporate responded with that […]

Fuel cost thoughts for small business owners

To the consternation of many, I’ve quietly noted for several years that the rise in fuel costs would also have some positive impacts on us and on our society – in addition to the obvious negative ones. It’s not a liberal or conservative issue, it’s a pragmatic one. Among other things, higher fuel costs will… […]

Irony is spelled E-X-X-O-N

With Google and Yahoo sleeping together, it’s a rather busy day in the business newsroom. Despite that, this one just sticks out like your grandmother’s bunion toe. Exxon is leaving the retail gas business due to “challenging conditions” in the service station business. Hard to be a service station without SERVICE, isn’t it?