The search for conformity

  The question for employers is “Do you want conformity, or something else?” For employees, it might be “How long before a 3D printer or some other automation technology replaces me?” For consultants, this is one way billing by the hour can make you average, depending on the work. No matter what you do, or […]

Starting A New Business : Part 4 – Profit is not Salary

photo credit: Instant Vantage Treating profit as salary is a common error for new businesses. It’s unusual for new owners to start by thinking their business through to the “end game” or to its ideal place. While some plan with an exit strategy in mind, there’s more to business than “do something, grow fast, get […]

Increasing The Awesome

A simple thought really – and this guy verbalizes it with such enthusiasm. How are you getting better every day? How is your staff getting better every day? What are you doing to enable and encourage “increasing the awesome”? If you aren’t increasing the awesome, what are you doing instead?  

Running away?

photo credit: Watt_Dabney Today’s guest post is a quote from Henry Miller that I stumbled across. Life has no other discipline to impose, if we would but realize it, than to accept life unquestioningly. Everything we shut our eyes to, everything we run away from, everything we deny, denigrate or despise, serves to defeat us […]

Execution, Ideas and why “I need a programmer”

photo credit: kasrak Every programmer, much less anyone who does something that startups need, has had these discussions. However, that isn’t why it’s today’s guest post. The thought process from idea to creation. The value of execution. That’s why it’s a worthwhile read.

After The Honeymoon

photo credit: James Jordan Recently, I stopped into a niche retail business for the very first time. They’ve done a nice job with it. Haven’t been open long, so some of the obvious things I’d suggest to make the place a real customer magnet weren’t in place yet. I have a feeling they might get […]

What’s on your plate?

photo credit: jlastras As I spent the last month mulling over my strategic plan for this year, I started by looking at what I was doing operationally as if I was my own client. In the software business, it’s called “eating our own dogfood“. In other words, a vendor using their own software for the […]

Meating expectations

photo credit: Northampton Museum When I first came across this meat vending machine, the comment I read introducing it was something along the lines of “Do we *really* need this?” If this butcher has customers who do shift work – or anything that keeps them from visiting the shop during business hours- it’s worth a […]

The President of You

photo credit: dev null Been talking about this for a good while, glad to find someone else who agrees. There is one President who matters to your business: The President of you. What you do today, tomorrow, the next day and every day to improve your products, services, customer support, and to continue to provide […]

What’s your superpower, Clark?

photo credit: williamcho One of the difficult things about entrepreneurs is maintaining your focus. Most entrepreneurs are interested in many things, so the BSO (bright shiny object) threatens to pull them away from their core mission cuz that other thing would be soooo interesting to work on. Still others wonder what their core mission is. […]