The ones you can’t trust

Recently, we have seen a number of high profile ethical issues pop up in global companies, U.S. companies and if you look around a little – you will probably find one in the news in your city. Most recently, this would include the Volkswagen EPA mileage situation. Stop it. No, I don’t mean stop doing […]

Profit is not the problem

photo credit: kenteegardin In Steve Denning’s Forbes commentary this week, he mentions a presentation made by author and Harvard business professor Clayton Christensen decrying U.S. business schools’ focus on numbers-above-all, saying the pursuit of profit is killing innovation and the US economy. The pursuit of profit is not the problem, nor is profit itself. What the always interesting […]

An ethical lapse, or just not knowing any better?

photo credit: KhayaL Last night I was working on the web site for our local Scout camp. Lots of Scout troops from out of state visit Glacier National Park every year. Some of them use our local Scout camp property as a “base camp” for a week or two of treks they make into the […]

Bad Haircuts and Big Box Ethics

Today’s guest post from Scott McKain shows us a how Office Depot stole copyrighted material from a friend of his and used it in a national ad campaign. One more reason to do your own marketing and shop locally owned businesses. All that aside, take a good long look at the pricing lesson in Mr. […]

The *Next* Greatest Generation

photo credit: Sister72 This weekend, several thousand seniors will graduate from Flathead Valley high schools. It’s a bittersweet time for parents, and I think it’s fitting that it occurs soon after Memorial Day. Confused? Bear with me for a bit. Last weekend, I strolled alone through Columbia Falls’ Veterans Cemetery on a rainy Monday afternoon. […]

Situational Ethics: Don’t go there

photo credit: quinn.anya The probably not-so-old joke goes something like this: “There are two kinds of people: those who break people into two groups and those who don’t.” When it comes to business ethics, there’s usually a pretty clear definition of the line between these two groups: the unethical and the accidentally unethical. The accidentally […]

Earn trust or destroy it? Your choice

photo credit: aturkus Millions of people depend on Gmail. Sometimes it goes down unexpectedly. Not long ago, people all over the world were “freaking out” and saying the F word (“Fail”) because Gmail was down. In addition to numerous posts via Twitter and other social media, here’s how Google communicated a problem when they had […]

Business Code of the West

photo credit: joshuahoffmanphoto Kinda stands on its own, doesn’t it? It’s what customers want and expect, but in many cases they’ve become accustomed to much less. Use it as a starting point and deliver no less.