First impressions: Driven by mastery

Most likely you’ve heard the saying “A poor artisan blames their tools.” Despite the ROI of blame being zero (at best), this situation goes well beyond blame. When you blame the tool, at least two situations can pop up: Your current tools don’t produce the kind of benefits / outcome / work you need (even […]

Why isn’t everyone on time?

One of the things I notice while working with clients (and being one) is that some of us are pretty good at making things hard on our customers. Hard on customers? You might be. Let’s clean up a few things so you can make it easier on them (and easier to keep them as clients). […]

Checkmate on the Fridge

photo credit: frankblacknoir My favorite story about setting expectations comes from a really smart real estate agent. When you decide to buy or sell a house with her, she gives you a pre-printed list of all the things that can happen during the process of buying or selling. A list of 20 or 30 things […]

The hungry dog expects a bone

photo credit: timlewisnm In almost every market, there’s someone who seemingly owns that market’s customers and prospects. They’re the household name in that marketplace. A common assumption is that they get so many customers that they may as well get them all. To be sure, doing things that make you that household name is something […]

Meating expectations

photo credit: Northampton Museum When I first came across this meat vending machine, the comment I read introducing it was something along the lines of “Do we *really* need this?” If this butcher has customers who do shift work – or anything that keeps them from visiting the shop during business hours- it’s worth a […]

Setting Expectations

photo credit: joiseyshowaa Publishing an about page as a guest post does not mean I’m desperately short of guest posts (nowhere near, actually). I’d like you to read a most un-software-company-like about page from a software company. Any guess what their USP is? Any guess what expectations you should have about their software and doing […]

Hold that plane

photo credit: Unhindered by Talent Something amazing happened to me during my trip to Vegas late last month: An airline exceeded my expectations. “Exceeded” is a bit of a misnomer because my expectations are so low with airlines in general, but the fact is that they treated me like I would expect to be treated. […]