Etsy’s Social Commerce: Smart at Christmas

Etsy’s new Facebook app, the Gift Recommender, is a smart move and a great example of ways to use your data to attract more business. I’ve no doubt that some will see Etsy’s “social commerce” via Facebook as “creepy” or invasive, but I suggest you give it a try to get an idea how this new […]

Facebook you…because?

photo credit: [carlo cravero] As I drive around the area, I see lots of businesses who are trying to reap the potential rewards of local marketing on Facebook. One sign: they have “Facebook us” or “Find us on Facebook” or similar on their roadside signs. The idea is for you to click the “Like” button […]

Fishing on Facebook

photo credit: kevindooley A common question I’m asked by small business owners is: “Should I use ‘bright shiny object of the month’ to market my business? Lately, the question tends to be asked in the context of Facebook, but quite frankly, the answer is the same regardless of the magic solution you’re asking about. As […]

Does your business fit the Facebook profile?

photo credit: _Max-B One of the reasons that you see some businesses flocking to Facebook is that their advertising (and sites they connect to) are now capable of scanning your profile’s musical and movie preferences and passing  them anonymously to a site you visit so that selections can be made easier for you. In markets […]

Marrying Facebook, or just dating?

photo credit: spaceodissey I‘ve heard a lot of talk about “Facebook taking over” the web lately. It’ll only take over the web if you let it. I realize there’s a lot of noise out there about new F8 (Facebook app) platform, which includes the like and share buttons that you see here on my blog. […]

The Social Media Scoreboard

photo credit: shoothead You’ve probably seen people on Twitter or Facebook yammering about “Wow, I only need 17 more followers or fans to hit 2000” (or  10000 or whatever). If you’ve used Twitter, you know that there’s a curve there and when you round it, it’s like drinking from a firehose. Stowe Boyd talks a […]

Overheard in the frozen food section: What’s all that crap you post on Facebook?

photo credit: Mads Boedker Last night in the grocery store, 2 moms stopped me in the frozen food section. I thought I was safe since their kids swim with mine on the Columbia Falls Swim Team. As I stood embarrassingly close to the frozen sausage and egg biscuits and pre-fab hamburger patties, they did it… […]

What do a Nebraska farmer and Paypal Australia have in common?

photo credit: KM Photography.. For one, both are using various forms of social media to expand their business, find new customers and communicate with existing ones. In some cases, they might never have communicated directly with the customer who way down the commerce chain actually consumes their product. Now, they can and do – even […]

Social media mistakes small business owners should avoid

photo credit: notmpres Today we’re going to talk about three mistakes that I advise small business owners not to make when getting into social media. #1 – Don’t be a firehose One of the easiest things to do – and most important to avoid – is the temptation to flood the place with automated messages. […]

Social Media: Time Waster or Essential Small Business Tool?

photo credit: coda If someone threw a party for a big group of people who are interested in the products and services you offer, wouldn’t you want to be there? Yeah, you would and social media can help you do just that. Given that you’re reading this, I can’t help but assume that you know […]