Adding value to gathering feedback

Being obsessive about the customer-facing activity of your business requires some discussion about the company’s process for gathering feedback. Ironically, these systems and processes for gathering feedback tend to be at their worst when the customer would benefit most from being heard. It isn’t much of a stretch to imagine that the process for responding […]

Stop worrying about your commissions

photo credit: 401(K) 2013 Recently I was doing a little business with a large Microsoft distributor – a sale that required a license agreement. Initially, the deal couldn’t be finalized because I use a PO Box for my business address. Trouble is, they “don’t allow” license agreements with a business that uses a PO Box. […]

Feedback and the Great Client

photo credit: Peter Gorges Feedback-wise… A great client is one who asks tough questions incessantly, almost always in a polite manner. A good client is one who asks tough questions regularly, sometimes politely. A bad customer is one who asks poor questions, regardless of how they ask them. Tough questions are your friend. Theyâ??re like […]

Customers: Not the enemy

photo credit: OakleyOriginals If your customers are treated like the enemy when they give feedback about your products, services, customer service and so on; that’s exactly what they’ll become. How are you treating your customers when something you did (or something they *perceive* of you) manages to set them off? It’s easy to take it […]

Things you’d never say to a CEO?

photo credit: Peter Kaminski Today’s guest post is from Pragmatic Marketing and asks the question… If you could say one thing to your company president without fear of reprisal, what would you say? Here are the results. The question is, what would your folks say to you…and are you big enough to let them do […]

Your customer’s pet peeve

photo credit: William A. Franklin This post discusses one of them: Inconsistency is a good one, but…yours might be different. I don’t mean your pet peeve, I mean that thing your business does to irritate your customers. Or those things. Multiple annoyances. How often do you irritate a customer? Daily. Hourly. Every other minute. […]

If there’s no thermometer, does that mean there’s no fever?

photo credit: René Ehrhardt Many people have had their mom, a grandma or someone put their hand on your forehead to detect a fever. Despite “Doctor Mom” having no digital measuring device in her hand, she can still tell if you’re running a fever. Maybe she can’t say that the fever is 102.372 Fahrenheit, but […]

Is this why some artists (and others) are starving?

photo credit: eliazar Over at The Online Photographer, there’s an ongoing discussion about a photographer who is experimenting (good for him) with a mechanism to do what some artists never manage to do – trade their art for someone else’s cash and have both people happy with the exchange. Because his experiment is a little […]

Why Gary Vaynerchuk watches and listens. What about you?

Today’s guest post comes from WineLibraryTV’s Gary Vaynerchuk, the gregarious crown prince of online wine merchants. Today, Gary talks about what he does with feedback – of all kinds – both the kind he agrees with, and the kind he doesn’t – and why both have their place. How do you handle public criticism like […]