Leading your team to goal setting

Last week, I suggested that you communicate company goals to each team member so that your company-wide goals have context for them in their daily work and with their department’s goals. That’s only part of the job when working with team members and goal setting. The other part is making sure they have a process […]

What *finally* tripped your trigger?

During a recent mastermind session, the gang was talking about motivation and decision-making. While that was stirring around in my head, I managed to stumble across CC Chapman’s insightful post about inspiration. Stir in the TED Behind the Scenes video included in CC’s post, which I’ve included above. I strongly suggest you read CC’s comments […]

Talking big, doing big

photo credit: Sam Judson This post about goals at 37 Signals is chock full-o-gold. Make note of the attitude shift that this post provokes, particularly the paragraph that starts “Hey, if Iâ??m going to stand on the podium of Le Mans…” See how the sentence that talks about the future of 37 Signals changes EVERYTHING? […]

Taken a pulse lately?

photo credit: TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³ Ten months of 2009 are gone. Take the pulse of your business and ask yourself: “Is the business where I wanted to be by now?” Before you think this is all about the finances, it isn’t. It’s all about where you wanted to be. Maybe it’s about finances, but there might […]

What success looks like

photo credit: pshutterbug What does it look like to YOU, that is? To get where you are going most efficiently, with the least amount of distractions and dead end side trips, a detailed plan is essential. But it isn’t just about the plan. You have to be able to see the destination in your mind. […]

A Brief Guide to World Domination

Today’s guest post is from an admitted non-conformist, Chris Guillebeau. I like his attitude, and I think you might get something from reading his manifesto, A Brief Guide to World Domination, much less some other stuff on his site. It doesn’t sound much like a business piece, but I think you’ll find it useful in […]