A gift for Bobby?

photo credit: aloshbennett Yesterday, I was reading a comment from Bobby Rich about this small business (whaaaaa?) post on Hildy’s blog. Bobby took Hildy’s idea, smooshed it around a little and decided to see if it would work for his business. I like the idea, but I think we can put a cherry on top […]

Baiting the hook with opera

Note the sign at the end of the video: “Ves como te gusta la opera?”, which translated roughly means “See how you like opera?” Point being – how many of those shoppers had ever been to the opera? And how many *more* will consider it after that performance? Brilliant, guerrilla marketing. Just flippin’ brilliant. Before you […]

Even Disney’s doing it – treating customers on their birthday

[audio:http://www.rescuemarketing.com/podcast/DisneyBirthdays.mp3] photo credit: Thomas_Jung You know, we’ve talked about this before.  I’m speaking of the marketing value of keeping track of your customers’ birthdays.  I know, I know. People won’t give them to you. If so, it’s because you aren’t asking the right way – or you aren’t making the sale. This is a sale […]

The folks at Axe Body Spray think like a guerrilla. Can you?

photo credit: piotrek plecke You’ve likely seen the catchy commercials for Axe products for men. Here’s an example of how they are always looking for the right opportunity. They could have staged the run. That would have cost thousands. This cost them a tshirt and a few moments with a camcorder. My guess is that […]