Wal-Mart bails out of Hamilton, won’t build SuperCenter

According to a story in this week’s Bitterroot Star, Wal-Mart has withdrawn their SuperCenter project in Hamilton. Per the Greg Lemon story, company officials indicated that pulling out of Hamilton was due to a company-wide restructuring and slowdown of Wal-Mart SuperCenter expansion plans. “We’re just taking a step back and kind of withdrawing for now.” […]

Wal-Mart Nation: Is anxiety over box stores taking over your life?

Brian Clark over at Copyblogger called out bloggers today, asking them to take a headline from the metrosexual magazine “Details” and rewrite it (along with a blog post) for something that works on your blog. He did this not long ago with Cosmopolitan headlines, and that was fruitful for anyone who writes their own blog, […]

Why you should “re-open” your retail store or service business

Outside of Montana, the box store hand-wringing went on a decade or 2 ago. In some communities here in Montana, the box store / franchise explosion is hitting its stride. In Billings, Bozeman, Great Falls and Missoula, it’s old news, while “sleepy rural communities” like Hamilton, Havre and Miles City are now getting their turn. […]

Tom Peters, Geeks, Women and WalMart

Hey, I promised Id get back to WallyWorld and Hamilton. And yes, I know its about time, but before I step back into the step by step system we’ve been discussing, I wanted to go over a list that Tom Peters put together on this same topic. Over at http://www.tompeters.com/entries.php?note=007977.php, Tom talks about what he […]

Hamilton and Walmart – Back on the rails

Sorry folks, been inundated with business this month and unfortunately, the blog has suffered as a result. I’m back in the saddle, so lets get back at helping Hamilton get it together before opening day. Not long ago, I added a step or 2 to the Hamilton retailers vs Walmart preparation effort. Lets get this […]

Hamilton gets the gift that keeps on taking.

One of my favorite towns in Montana is getting a Walmart SuperCenter. Hamilton Montana, about 4 hrs south of me. This is a place with one of the best Main Street business districts in the state, a really vibrant downtown with most of its original architecture, a river with excellent fly fishing, killer mountain views […]