A gift for Bobby?

photo credit: aloshbennett Yesterday, I was reading a comment from Bobby Rich about this small business (whaaaaa?) post on Hildy’s blog. Bobby took Hildy’s idea, smooshed it around a little and decided to see if it would work for his business. I like the idea, but I think we can put a cherry on top […]

Transparency. Real transparency.

Hildy and Dimitri’s efforts have always been pretty transparent. But a few months ago, they made a big decision to basically reboot their entire business. Many business owners have done that. But not like this. Instead of doing it all in the cones of silence, they decided that every step of the way, they would […]

The Cure for “The Culture of Cant”

[audio:http://www.rescuemarketing.com/podcast/pollyannaprinciples.mp3] It’s not unusual for small business owners to be involved in community organizations, so in that spirit I have something a little different from our every day discussion here – yet still completely applicable to your business – no matter what that business does. Rather than Friday’s normal Hotseat Radio show, today I had […]

Deposits, karma – Whatever it is, are you earning yours?

photo credit: jonmatthew photography Hildy Gottlieb, a fellow board member from my days on the CharityChannel.com board had the temerity to call me out on her blog yesterday.  Well, maybe not call me out exactly. More like give me a hat size adjustment. I only found out about her kind words because WordPress told me […]