The Bulletproof Superhero

photo credit: ericmcgregor When it was just you and you were a bulletproof superhero, you could remember it all. You could look at code you wrote six months earlier and you knew exactly what it did and why you wrote it that way. A bit of time has passed since then. Youâ??ve hired new people. […]

Be employable

Yes, that’s a baby with a bong. I’ll get to that shortly. I spend 99.9% of my time here writing things aimed at employers/business owners, but today this one is for the employees and those who would like to be employed. Lately, I’ve noticed a few things that make it not all that surprising that […]

Measurement, competition and the right person for the job

photo credit: Jesslee Cuizon Everyone just loves performance evaluations. Employees tend to dread them because they’re often a useless exercise of “well, you’re doing ok, here’s your 2% raise, see you in 6 months or a year or whatever”. Sometimes you’ll hear that you need to improve something, but more often than not you’ll hear […]

If you find a Foster, hire him. Don’t just tip him.

Last week Andy Andrews told a story about an excellent Atlanta Hartsfield Airport staffer that he met years ago. Airport management fired him because he did his job too well. Rather than letting someone continue in that position…just hire them away. Don’t let the bureaucracy break their spirit, much less their heart.

Is it better to be smart, resilient or hard working?

My vote would be a combination of all three, and there’s a good discussion of this in today’s guest post at OpenEducation. It isn’t just about kids, though I strongly suggest you consider it in that light. It’s also something to look for in employees. It isn’t how many times you get knocked down, it’s […]

Hire that punk kid with the snowboard? Are you nuts???

This weekend, I met the manager of my favorite local Italian restaurant. Somehow, I had managed to miss meeting him during my last few visits and was a bit surprised at how young this guy is. He had just returned from Boise, where he had trained the staff and management at their newest location. He […]