Another product line falls to CPSIA

Learn more here:  How many small businesses have to fail or see their revenue fall before it impacts your business? I’ve only listed 2 so far, but there are many more. Pick up the phone and call your Senators, House rep and the CPSC.

Forging ahead despite the CPSIA

photo credit: hans s This week, a series of #CPSIA posts about what to do next and how to get the word out to other manufacturers, retailers, the media in your area and perhaps most importantly – to your elected officials. If you want to forge ahead with your homemade products business despite CPSIA, then […]

#CPSIA – Got a little Howard Beale in you?

That scene in Network where Howard Beale goes a little nuts pretty well describes my attitude regarding the CPSIA and those who continue to ignore it (and the calls to Washington about it). No, the clip isn’t G-rated, sorry. I realize this issue has pretty much pegged my blog-o-meter lately, but I ask you to think about […]