“What value are we going to provide customers that no one else does?”

Today’s guest post is a story about Honda that comes from MSN reporter Lawrence Ulrich.

The source of that quote that I’ve used as title of the post?

It’s a quote from Dan Bonawitz, HondaĆ¢??s vice-president of corporate planning. When short-sighted Honda store owners clamored for a 8 cylinder pickup, Honda corporate responded with that question.

It’s a good question to ask yourself.

“What value are we going to provide customers that no one else does?”

There’s no market leadership in “Me too”, even though you see it in the automobile business year in and year out. “Me too” has never been Honda’s style. As a result, this isn’t the first time that Honda has been in this position, though it is a bit more obvious this time.

Are you part of the herd, or are you leading the herd?

Doing one thing really well

Anyone who has ever driven or owned a Honda vehicle knows one thing that is consistent about them.

They make a tight, efficient vehicle that lasts a long time, and costs little to drive day to day.

They started doing this when gas was under $1.00 a gallon, long before it was fashionable, much less necessary to reduce fuel expenses.

Now that gas is approaching $5 per gallon, little has changed at Honda.

Except of course, sales volume, and the fact that they manufacture many of them right here in the US.

Is everything you do as a business owner focused on achieving your company’s core goals?

If not, why not?