A passing meteor

photo credit: Navicore The wrong email at the wrong time, no matter how well intended, can be like a meteor strike. It can weaken, dismantle or even ruin the relationship you’ve built with a customer. A friend recently relayed a story about a summer stay at a hotel in South Texas. Shortly after his stay, […]

Every job is a sales job

photo credit: dux_carvajal One of the unsung business assets of the area where I live is a customer service training program called “Montana Superhost”. In the old country, er I mean a few years ago, the program cost $15-25 per trainee. The last time I saw a course offered , it was *free*. Why every […]

What would Eleanor bring to your business?

Why would you bother to stand out in a market? How about BECAUSE NO ONE ELSE WILL? Today’s guest post comes from the most unusual of places. It’s a letter from Eleanor Roosevelt about a stay in Billings hotel on October 1, 1954. Note how she speaks about hotels and what they do and don’t […]

Chipping away at your clients – Bad idea

During our stay in Missoula for the granddaughter’s arrival, we had the pleasure of spending the night at the Missoula Comfort Inn. When I arrived at the front desk to get a receipt for the visit, the bill came with the now-obligatory $1.75 charge for using the safe in the room. The buck seventy five […]