Ask them to tell your story

photo credit: Jill Clardy Once it has been pointed out, most people understand that benefits / tangible results do a better job of generating interest in your products / solutions than a dry corporate list of bullet items. It’s easy for you to say “If you use this, <something> will result.” Some people will believe […]

I don’t even have a sword

photo credit: nukeit1 Today’s guest post from, which might on the surface seem to be about the military and Afghanistan but I think you can look through it with the right lens for your business and find my real message in it. Hint: It fits nicely with my burden shift discussion earlier this week. Second […]

Why people buy

photo credit: Limbo Poet Many times I’ve suggested that you read Cialdini’s Influence. Today’s guest post is a follow on to Cialdini – an audio documentary about what makes people buy: “Desire by Design” from American Radioworks. Enter the conversation in their minds…