Do you need a Groundhog Day?

photo credit: ronnie44052 Today’s guest post from Paul Hannam does a nice job of using the movie Groundhog Day to illustrate a point about personal change. Changing from your worst day to your best day (his example), changing your business, even changing you. It’s a good read. Check it out it here.

Innovation breeds profit? Who knew?

photo credit: psiaki Profit is an evil word in many circles these days, but I used it anyway. Are you the innovation leader in your market? It seems to work for Apple. Think back to your last real innovation. Yes, that one. Remember that product or service that made customers and prospects flock to your […]

Profitable creativity or touchy-feely crap?

photo credit: Andrea Costa Photography Jobs. Politicians talk about them. Some own businesses that have created jobs. The trouble is, it’s not just any-old-job that needs creating. According to author Richard Florida, 45% of US jobs today are service-sector jobs. In other words, often low-paying jobs as retail sales clerks, customer service staff, food prep […]

Playing Netflix Chess

photo credit: Hamed Saber I read publications, punditry and blogs focused on a number of different industries. I hope you do as well. Reading only the trade publications from your industry is dangerous, dangerous, dangerous. For example, there’s an awesome blog post by Ken Doctor based on comments made by Netflix founder Reed Hastings“. Go read […]

China, India, Microsoft and Apple: What they do isn’t FAIR!

photo credit: Meanest Indian Yesterday, we talked about fierce competition from other places and other businesses, as well as doing your homework. At the end of the day, all things pointed to a single bottom line: What has happened to our business(es) and thus to our communities is JUST NOT FAIR. If Pittsburgh’s businesses have […]

5 sources of innovation

photo credit: cmaccubbin Amid the turkey sandwiches and (making it right now) turkey pot pie, I’m also serving up a guest post about innovation. You may not be aware that Google “gives” their employees “20% time“. 20% time is effectively 1 day a week to work on the pet projects, things of interest or just […]

@GaryVee: Don’t be average, Average Joe

Normally, I hold guest posts till the weekend, but folks, that wouldn’t be fair to you. This video is a gift that keeps on giving and you need to see it now. Enjoy. Whether you run a specialty retailer in Billings, a publishing company in Winnipeg, an e-commerce store in Colorado Springs, a niche business services operation in San […]

Did management learn anything after 246 years?

Poor management can crush something as big and strong as Wal-Mart. Today’s guest post comes from NY Times contributor Judith Flanders, who writes about the failure of the current owners of Waterford Wedgwood to continue the legacy of Wedgwood’s founder, Josiah Wedgwood. While brief, it contains several nuggets I’d categorize as “instructional”. Packaging and perception […]

Do your clients need a faster horse?

Back in the last century, Henry Ford is famous for saying “You can have any color Ford you want as long as it’s black.” Today, Ford Motor Company has a different thought process, but that isn’t all that Henry said. He also said this: If I’d have asked my customers what they wanted, they would […]