Why the tourist drove past your business

Photo credit: AP You’ve probably seen this AP image contrasting the crowds at St. Peter’s in Rome over the last eight years. The first photo was taken by Luca Bruno in 2005 during preparations for the public viewing of Pope John Paul II’s body – almost two years before the iPhone was first announced. The […]

Marketing inside the Tasting Room

Puit d’Amour from St. Honoré Boulangerie This past week, I had the pleasure of visiting the still somewhat chilly seaside of Oregon thanks to a handful of out of town appointments. In between the productive parts of the week, we managed to visit a couple of western Oregon wineries. While a good time was had […]

An ethical lapse, or just not knowing any better?

photo credit: KhayaL Last night I was working on the web site for our local Scout camp. Lots of Scout troops from out of state visit Glacier National Park every year. Some of them use our local Scout camp property as a “base camp” for a week or two of treks they make into the […]

They can tell I read their email?

photo credit: solidstate_ Over the last 2 days, we’ve talked about poorly thought through emails. Today, one more email that should have been thought about a bit more. Last week, I received an email from a guy whose email newsletter I receive. The subject of this random email? “I saw you open my newsletter, any questions I […]

Tending Your Garden

photo credit: gregor_y Earlier this week, I had the privilege of speaking about websites at the monthly Columbia Falls Chamber of Commerce lunch meeting. While it’s not exactly opening for the Stones at Madison Square Garden, it’s an honor because it’s a group of mostly local business owners whose success is important to me. I […]

Does your business fit the Facebook profile?

photo credit: _Max-B One of the reasons that you see some businesses flocking to Facebook is that their advertising (and sites they connect to) are now capable of scanning your profile’s musical and movie preferences and passing  them anonymously to a site you visit so that selections can be made easier for you. In markets […]

Wake up those sleeping dogs

photo credit: flattop341 Every day, I get automated emails. Just like you do. Most of them are so boring that we never read them, even though they might contain information we need to see. For example, I recently received an email from Mozy, the online backup service: Thank you for using MozyHome! Your credit card […]

Take along your uglier brother

photo credit: freeparking In today’s guest post from TED, Dan Ariely talks about why we make decisions and how we are influenced. There are several pieces of this presentation that apply directly to traditional or online direct marketing of the stuff you do and sell, much less knowing a little more about what makes your […]

Right message, right person, right timing

Recently, someone came to my website and went to the trouble to paste this message into my contact form: Hi, My name is Ben Bigelow and I am currently working with the Cisco TelePresence team. We are working in conjunction to create awareness for the recently launched â??Why I Want Cisco TelePresenceâ? video contest at […]

Is real-time fast enough for you?

I thought I’d provide a few Twitter stories for you today – call it Twitter Thursday if you like. First, a baker who uses Twitter to notify people what’s baking, what’s ready, etc. Customizable via the BakerTweet website, it takes a twist of a knob and a push of a button and you’re done. Obviously […]