Borders and homemade apple pie

photo credit: See-ming Lee æ?æ?æ?? SML Recently, Borders book stores reported that they were closing their remaining 399 stores, including our local store here in Kalispell, Montana. The store has about three months, enough time to liquidate their existing stock. Survival of the fittest demands that some prosper, some get by and some die. Borders was […]

Transform the customer experience

photo credit: jon hanson Yesterday we talked about how Bone’s of Atlanta transformed their clientele’s wine buying experience by putting custom iPad-based wine selection tools in their hands. Today, we’re talking about another iPad-impacted project, but this isn’t just about the iPad. Instead, it’s about what steps you are willing to take to transform your […]

Help your customers become better buyers

photo credit: kevindooley Better, more knowledgeable buyers tend to spend more, but they often need help doing so. Who hasn’t looked at a restaurant wine list, and then thought it’d be nice to have the Wine Spectator articles (or a similar resource) on those 2 or 3 bottles you’re trying to choose between? Until recently, […]

iPads important to Montana tourism? HaHaHaHa, RIGHT.

photo credit: RTPeat After reading yesterday’s comments about iPads and your business, if you own a business in Montana, you might have shrugged, rolled your eyes and thought “Yeah, but this is Montana”. Long-time readers know that comment sends me to the stratosphere in a hurry. So what made you think that? It might be […]

iPads for business? Yes. Start now.

photo credit: lovelypetal Trust me on this. Your business needs an iPad. I know what you’re thinking. It goes something like this: Why does this Apple fanboy think I need this thing? It’s just like a dinky little laptop with no keyboard. I can’t even plug my USB thumb drive into it. There’s no camera. […]