Verizon’s pleasant surprise

photo credit: Sister72 Thursday was the first day of retail, walk-in Verizon iPhone sales in the U.S. Normally a visit to our VZW store is guaranteed to consume 60-90 min, even here in rural Montana. They’re usually busy, so you sign in on a screen and they call your name in the order you arrive. […]

Where were you when the iPhone and Kindle were being designed?

photo credit: truedudi As we discussed yesterday, anti-competitive businesses sometimes do “unfair” things. Occasionally, they commit illegal acts to gain an edge. Commonly mentioned examples include bribing officials to get contracts or have them look the other way on enforcement or quality issues. Sometimes the unethical things are illegal, such as refusing to sell spare […]

King for a Day: Verizon

[audio:] photo credit: Sister72 I‘d like to introduce a new series called “King for a Day“. For the acronym-challenged, you might see me refer to it as KFAD now and then, so don’t assume I’m talking about a local radio station. King for a Day is a series that will discuss some steps I’d take […]

What is reasonable?

photo credit: TheGiantVermin Good question. The answer? Depends on who answers the question. Slide over to Scott McKain’s blog for one company’s answer. Hey, you’re back. To give AT&T a little bit of credit, you have to admit that trying to predict what was going to happen (and plan infrastructure) for the iPhone release was […]

Does your staff *really* know enough to sell your product, even to early adopters?

[audio:] photo credit: DeclanTM Yesterday, I was in a box store (cuz no one here in Columbia Falls carries the items I needed) and sauntered by an iPod Touch on a whim. We’ve talked a few times about the productivity that some custom iPhone applications would have for your business. You might not know that […]

What do a turkey and an iPhone have in common?

photo credit: Atilla1000 Plenty, if you’re thinking and paying attention to what other businesses are up to.  We had a Hutterite turkey last week, but in the process of digging around, I came across some innovative things that Butterball is doing to make life easier for their customers.  Things like text messages to remind you […]

Small business + iPhone app = opportunity

Disclaimer: I simply have to admit that it’s unlikely that I would buy an iPhone until Apple decides to discard AT&T, or Steve Jobs’ gang adds a better cell carrier to the mix. I’m simply not willing to deal with those guys if I don’t have to. And yes, I’d probably get over it if […]

Who cares about the iPhone?

If you own a small business, you just might start to care. First of all, set aside some time to watch the video of Steve Jobs’ iPhone keynote yesterday morning at the Apple Worldwide Developer’s Conference. Apple QuickTime (a free download) is required to view it. Pay close attention to how well Apple appears to […]