photo credit: Selma90 Howard Schultz is doing what few large corporate CEOs have done: Following up rhetoric with leadership, action and money. While I prefer freshly-roasted beans from local roasters and rarely do Starbucks outside of airports, I will stop in this week in order to support this. The post title? It’s inscribed on a […]

Moving to where the jobs are

photo credit: Koshyk In today’s guest post from Forbes, an interactive map showing where people are moving to and from, county by county across the US. Thanks to @BeckyMcCray for sharing it with me.

Taken For Granted

photo credit: Яick Harris This photo wasn’t taken in Chernobyl or in some abandoned ghost town. It’s in downtown Detroit, a few blocks from shining skyscrapers. Every mayor and business owner in the US should look at photos like the one above and imagine what this place once was. The meltdown of the US economy […]