Are you dead weight in a “Man Overboard” Economy?

photo credit: Johnny Shaw What gets thrown overboard before a ship sinks? What gets thrown out of a plane that is struggling to stay in the air, or that appears to have less fuel than it needs to reach land? Answer: Dead weight. IE: Everything that isn’t absolutely necessary. If you’re an employee, what are […]

Lessons from companies that have NEVER laid off an employee

photo credit: timsamoff Today’s guest post is a story from about 9 companies who have, as of mid-January 2009, never had a layoff – some going back over 80 years. Check out the stories of Nugget Market, Devon Energy, Aflac, QuikTrip, The Container Shop, NuStar, Stew Leonard’s, Publix and Scottrade. Cross-training, telecommuting, careful hiring […]

Inherit the earth, inhale the opportunity

photo credit: Steven Fernandez All around us, people are being laid off. The companies in (and near) my little town in rural, northwest Montana – have seen more than 800 layoffs. Thankfully (if there is a bright spot), not all of the 800 people laid off live here in our town of 4500 people – […]

The valuable assets your competition is giving away

photo credit: onohoku I‘ve always been amazed that a large company can lay off 20,000 or 30,000 workers and not fail soon after. These days, layoffs of 5,000 to 20,000 are regularly in the news. In January 2009, 241,749 people were laid off across the U.S. รข?? and that likely only counts the firms large […]