Earn trust or destroy it? Your choice

photo credit: aturkus Millions of people depend on Gmail. Sometimes it goes down unexpectedly. Not long ago, people all over the world were “freaking out” and saying the F word (“Fail”) because Gmail was down. In addition to numerous posts via Twitter and other social media, here’s how Google communicated a problem when they had […]

Matt wasn’t writing about starting a bank.

photo credit: tm-tm Earlier this week, Matt Mullenweg (whose software runs this blog) wrote a post about starting a bank. BUT…it really wasn’t about starting a bank. Not if you look under the covers just a bit. It was really about how to look at your market and stand out because you don’t do all […]

Standing around on the Moon

Forty years ago tonight, two guys stepped on the Moon for the very first time (as far as we know, anyhow). They did so not by accident or happenstance, but because of an explicit choice (and a challenge). One of the things that always intrigued me about President Kennedy’s speech was his use of words […]

The new economics of entrepreneurship

photo credit: C.P.Storm Today’s guest post from Guy Kawasaki talks briefly about the current state of the economy and more importantly about the economics of starting your own business these days. Guy’s post offers more reasons why I keep pestering local folks to start their own business – *especially* if they are currently laid off.

Cracks in your life. What would bust them wide open?

photo credit: geoftheref Today’s guest post is from @BradRourke, who posts on a litany of topics revolving around self, community organizations, business and things in-between. The Mark Sanford meltdown was just one of his topics recently, but not so much about the paparazzi angle. Instead, he writes about what it might take to get a […]

Do CEOs Matter – Mike says “Yes”

photo credit: TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³ Today’s guest post is from former Pitney Bowes CEO Mike Critelli, who talks about why CEOs matter. Not just CEOs of Fortune 100 corporations, but CEO of your business as well. In particular, in fact. Check it out.

Without customers, there ain’t no business, Joe.

Since January 2005, I’ve been spent a lot of time explaining how Business is Personal. When I started this journey way back then, I named the blog “Pancake Bunny“. I called it that as a result of a customer service interaction where a company’s CEO told a customer that their message made no sense and […]

What success looks like

photo credit: pshutterbug What does it look like to YOU, that is? To get where you are going most efficiently, with the least amount of distractions and dead end side trips, a detailed plan is essential. But it isn’t just about the plan. You have to be able to see the destination in your mind. […]

The one thing that can transform your business?

photo credit: h.koppdelaney Over the weekend, I asked the folks on Twitter “What are you doing some of the time that would transform your business if you did it all of the time?” A few of the responses… From@MilesTorres: Great question Mark. It would be more one on one conversations. SO effective and “social”. I […]

Do your numbers really matter?

photo credit: liber Happens every day. I see small (and not so small) businesses waste one of their most valuable assets: Their existing customers. Let’s say you have 1000 customers and you average $1000 per sale per year for each of those customers. That’s a total of $1,000,000 per year. Let’s assume your costs are […]