Is your business dependent on suburbia?

photo credit: wili_hybrid Today’s guest post comes from TED. It’s a 20 minute video presentation by James Howard Kunstler about the “Tragedy of Suburbia”, and there is a strategic business message in here that is worth examining, especially given what is going on in the energy business. Is your business dependent on the current structure […]

American Airlines tests the law of unintended consequences

American Airlines has had only a few advertising slogans over the last several decades. We know why you fly. We’re American Airlines. (Uh, because it takes too long to drive?) Something special in the air. (It was the dog, really!) Doing What We Do Best (and that is?…) That isn’t where the PR is coming […]

Money loves speed

photo credit: Amnemona Dan Kennedy is one of the many well-known business experts who can often be found saying “Money loves speed”. What they mean is speed of implementation. IE: How fast do you take information and take action on it? The faster, the better, as far as your wallet is concerned. For example, we […]

Pet peeves and your business’ addiction to crack

photo credit: MoToMo Who hasn’t either had a plumber hanging out of their sink, or heard about one? You know the stereotype. Some guy’s rear end is hanging out from under your sink, his pants are not quite the right size, and “too much information” is pointed right at you. It’s like looking at a […]

Keeping score is important for your business

photo credit: Looking Glass If you’ve been reading this blog for long, you’ll have read a few posts about the value of measurement. Measuring marketing response is the primary thing you’ll find, but as a CFO friend of mine says, “That which is measured will be managed”. Seth starts off talking about the green marketing […]

If your business disappeared, would anyone notice?

photo credit: Lee Jordan On last Friday’s radio show, I asked my listeners the rhetorical question: “If your business disappeared, would anyone notice?” Perhaps a more realistic question: If a “Closed” sign was in the window tomorrow, without warning…would anyone really care? Or would they simply drive down the street to the next business that […]

Making it easier – isn’t that what your clients really want?

photo credit: xiaming Yesterday, we talked about making it easier for your clients to do – whatever it is that you make them do, hopefully not making them do it at all. But what about making it easier to do the things that you can’t eliminate? One example is making it easier to reorder from […]

Your clients have better things to do

While I never met Bruce Barrington, one of the reasons I really admire him is something he said long ago about the things that programming tools make you do when building a program. Bruce said: Anything you have to do every time shouldn’t have to be done at all. photo credit: babasteve Frankly, I think […]

86 percent have no plan. Are you wandering in the desert with them?

photo credit: cdibona Prior to teaching an online internet business course, Jack Humphrey recently surveyed his class of almost 200 students from across the globe. He reported on the results a few days ago. One of the things he asked his class is “Do you have a plan for your business?” EIGHTY SIX percent said […]

Fundamental excuses for Memphis and your business

photo credit: *sean Runner up Memphis Tigers lost last night’s NCAA men’s basketball championship game to Kansas, 75-68 in overtime. Because of a single free throw. All season long, Memphis head coach John Calipari has been making excuses about his team’s poor free throw shooting. All season long, Calipari appeared to discount, if not blow […]