Hiring staff to help with marketing? Start them off with these business books.

Over the weekend, one of my readers emailed and asked this very smart question: We are hiring someone “green” to do marketing for us in about a month. I thought that starting someone from the ground up would be a good way to build someone’s skills for our business and not have to pay a […]

Marketing winners and losers: Pope Benedict XIV’s visit to the U.S.

Several of my friends, a bunch of my Scouts, and some of my readers are Catholic, so this has been an exciting week for many of them due to the Papal visit to America. One of those friends does a great job of providing insight to lesser-known things Catholic, including stuff about Pope Benedict XVI’s […]

Your blog can show your clients “How to”

Today’s guest post is from The Brain. No, not your brain, The Brain. photo credit: moujemouje The Brain is a software product that allows you to organize, relate and search info to other info. Typically, we’re talking about things that don’t make this easy – especially across media and thought processes. Showing your clients how […]

Best Seat in the House shows why you should be blogging

It may not be clear from the things I talk about here, but I enjoy photography. I shoot some scenic stuff, like the photo at the top of this page and I shoot a lot of sports and community stuff. When it comes to sports, I’ll shoot baseball, soccer, tennis, basketball, swimming, football, etc – […]

How to react to the news in your marketing

Just rolled back in from the Billings coaching group meeting and noticed that the big news was about General Electric (GE) missing analyst predictions and that it has driven the stock market down 250 points. But something else caught my eye. An impressive feature of this MSNBC news page. A Scottrade ad, of all things. […]

Small business owners, like consultants, should be everywhere

A friend asked me the other day why I do a small business marketing radio talk show and if it had been profitable for me. My answer? Because I need to be everywhere, and yes. The question reminded me of a long-told story in marketing circles about the chiropractor (or whoever it was). A famous […]

What are the obstacles to making your small business more successful?

I meet all different types of business owners. Some new, some experienced and most somewhere in the middle. They all have their challenges and their triumphs. They all indicate their success is held up by different things, and they all remark about different things that were obstacles in their past – things that they conquered […]

Why, even now, your business should have a toll-free number

These days, you can use Skype to call East Pajamastan for 2.3 cents a minute. Even with a phone card or a Baby Bell long distance plan, you can call in the US and Canada for 5 cents a minute. So why in the world should you care about having a toll-free number? It’s not […]