Do CEOs Matter – Mike says “Yes”

Today’s guest post is from former Pitney Bowes CEO Mike Critelli, who talks about why CEOs matter.

Not just CEOs of Fortune 100 corporations, but CEO of your business as well.

In particular, in fact.

Check it out.

A Second Life for Retired Tennis Balls

Today’s guest post comes from Mike Critelli, retired CEO at Pitney-Bowes (blog highly recommended).

Mike’s story reminds me a bit of “Acres of Diamonds” with a bit more realism.

The value you bring to a community simply by being observant is the same value you can bring to your business by being observant and aware of what’s going on in your marketplace.

Looking at things from a different angle is a great differentiator. It’s very difficult to copy because copycats are rarely creative or visionary.

Tennis balls – Read Mike’s post here.