Lucy and the Aluminum Football

photo credit: vramak Lately, there has been a lot of talk in the news and around the Flathead Valley about the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) offering a four year power supply deal to Columbia Falls Aluminum Company (CFAC). The deal is subject to environmental review and other what-ifs, so it isn’t a done deal quite […]

iPads important to Montana tourism? HaHaHaHa, RIGHT.

photo credit: RTPeat After reading yesterday’s comments about iPads and your business, if you own a business in Montana, you might have shrugged, rolled your eyes and thought “Yeah, but this is Montana”. Long-time readers know that comment sends me to the stratosphere in a hurry. So what made you think that? It might be […]

Is this why some artists (and others) are starving?

photo credit: eliazar Over at The Online Photographer, there’s an ongoing discussion about a photographer who is experimenting (good for him) with a mechanism to do what some artists never manage to do – trade their art for someone else’s cash and have both people happy with the exchange. Because his experiment is a little […]